Sun Harvest Energy Program

Sun Harvest Energy Program

The Sun Harvest Energy (“S.H.E.”) Program exists to ensure homeowners benefit from solar using the credits and incentives they already pay for in multiple ways.  

As you may know, you’re utility company is benefiting from solar.  In fact, some of the utility companies in Florida are  the largest owners of solar in the world.

Shouldn’t you be benefiting too!?  

Eligible homeowners are saving thousands.  The S.H.E. Program is here to help home owners here in the greater Tampa Bay Area. 

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Benefits and Incentives

The S.H.E. Program makes use of the credits, incentives, mandates and regulations already in place.  It enables home owners to provide their families with independence and savings, while preserving our natural resources.  Simply put, it helps home owners Harvest the Sun!


Federdal Tax Credits

The Federal ITC (“Investment Tax Credit”) is a 30% Tax Credit.  It can easily be worth $5,000 to $15,000. 


No Upfront Cost

Eligible homeowners can pay $0 upfront, and simply pay a lower cost for their energy. 


Florida Law

Requires utilities to give solar home owners full credit for the energy they harvest.  The law is called Net Metering. 


About 1 out of 3 homes will qualify for the program.  We’re working hard to help the homes and home owners that do.  Here are a few of the qualifications.

Energy Use

Energy Usage

 The program works best when homes don’t use too little or too much energy.


A little sunshine goes a long way, when you’re harvesting the sun.

Economic Qualifiers

Most home owners have the ability to qualify for the program based on their credit and income.


The SHE Program makes switching to more affordable energy, easy.   Decide to empower yourself, by taking a few simple steps.  Go Solar with Sun Harvest Energy. 

Step 1 - Eligibility

Show your bill to our Field Marketer or Energy Consultant.  If it looks like your home is eligible, they’ll have our team create a solution and set up an appointment with you.

Step 2 - Solution

Our Energy Consultant will present you the best solution for your home.  If you like what you see, you can authorize us to move forward.

Step 3 - Final Approval

Our team will complete a home survey and take a few pictures, and we’ll complete the final design & layout, for your approval. 

Step 4 - Engineering

Our engineers will get to work.  They’ll create a stamped planset.  We’ll also reach out and get a few additonal docs completed with you. 

Step 5 - Permit & Installation

We’ll submit for Permit.  Once approved, we’ll schedule the installation with you.

Step 6 - Permission to Operate

After inspection, your utility will give you permssion to operate.